Your Stage

How do you know when and what type of HR help you might need. Here’s a handy guide that will help determine what stage your business is in and what you need to watch for in the future.
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Stage One / 1-10 Employees / Start up
• Defining company values and culture
• Establishing HR basics for compliance and clearly defining job duties and accountabilities.

Stage Two / 11-19 Employees / Ramp up
• Begin to document job processes for faster onboarding and productivity
• Develop a compensation strategy for growth and retention

Stage Three / 20-34 Employees / Delegation
• Managers vs leaders assessing talent and potential
• Assessing current skills and abilities to determine career paths for  managers with  responsibility and decision making

Stage Four / 35-57 Employees / Professional
• Build a communication structure
• Support employee development of self and others for determining an annual people plan.
Stage Five / 58-95 Employees / Integration
• Cross training and cross functional teams
• Systems and process integration across departments

Stage Six / 96-160 Employees / Strategic
• Creating, communicating and integrating company vision
• Creating and communicating strategy for staying relevant and competitive

Stage Seven / 161-500 Employees / Visionary
• Drive innovation
• Build employee capability and career development