Employee morale is low and we’ve got a high turnover rate. How can I turn the tide?
Compensation and Benefits Analysis
Is your compensation package attracting and retaining the right people? We will analyze your complete compensation package (salary, benefits, flexibility, company culture, etc) to determine if what you offer is helping you hire and retain the best people and the best results for your company.
Competency Based Appraisal
Are your people competent for their assigned jobs? We will interview both you and your employees to determine if there is a disconnect between their expectations and yours. After getting to the root of the issue(s), we may recommend:
• Employee development plans
• Writing or re-writing of job description(s) for attaining business results
• An accountability program.

We can’t find the right people to fill our open positions and it’s hurting our bottom line. What are some best practices of other companies?
Finding, Screening and Interviewing Qualified Industry Specific Candidates
• Candidate Sourcing. We know where to source candidates and how to get the best candidates for your industry. We know how to word that posting  and how to write the job description so that those who are not -qualified s are weeded out.
• Candidate Screening. Once we have a pool of initial candidates, we conduct screening interviews on your behalf to determine the who has the skills abilities and potential to achieve business results.
• Candidate Interviewing. We help you write a set of key interview questions for the final candidates based on the industry specific job description. We advise you on questions which you may not have thought to ask which will get to the root of the candidates’ behavior style and competency. We coach you on questions which you are legally prohibited from asking and how to deal with those restrictions.

We have a bunch of employees with the same job title who are each doing things their own way. We need to get them all operating efficiently and on the same page. Any ideas?
• We can perform Job Benchmarking that will align job duties business objectives.

My employees are not accountable for the results of the business. It is always someone else who did not do their job. How do I change this?
Everyone wants to do their best. The expectations may not be clear, or there may be no consequences for non performance

We establish a performance management system that measures results and competencies that drive results.
My employees have been with me a long time, but are not ready for leadership roles. How do I get them there, or help them move on?
• Who are the right people to step in to your shoes? We help you make these decisions based on skills, commitment level, and interest level. (Not every family member or key employee has the same passion for the business as you do.)
• We help you conduct those difficult conversations with your successor(s). Sometimes, it’s necessary to tell a family member or key employee that they won’t be in charge of the business when you’re gone, or that they may not be ready for promotion. When we have that difficult conversation rather than – or together with – you, it’s easier on you, it’s easier on the individual and there’s a greater likelihood that the relationship will be positively preserved.
• Make sure your successors are ready. Once we identify your successors, we create the plan and the time frame in which to train them and are available to implement that on-going training for you.

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