The One Big Thing

The One Big Thing

This is my year for clarity.  What are my offerings, who is my preferred customer, what is my value proposition?

As I defined those areas, I needed to define “What is the most important thing a business owner needs to consider when it comes to people”. What is the One Big Thing? Clearly defining what are the results you need from that position for company success?

Sounds easy right? Go to the internet, search for job titles, look at sample job descriptions and then use the job descriptions you find as a template for your position.

I hear laughing because you did just that and it did not work! Companies are much more complex than in the past, one size does not fit all. It is also critically important to understand how the size and employee count are huge considerations when determining the requirements for a successful hire.

Let me give you an example. A colleague of mine mentioned that a client was searching for a HR generalist with a focus on sourcing and interviewing, and was I aware of anyone who was looking for a generalist position? I asked if there was a job description that I could review to determine if my contacts were a good fit.  When I received the job description there was no mention of these skills or focus in the description! I would have referred the wrong individuals, but more importantly, the company may hire the wrong person if the job description is used as a guide to interview and hire.

Clearly defining the job up front streamlines the candidate selection process, and insures you hire the right person the first time. What is your process to determine your next great hire?