The Amazing Truth about Video Marketing

Ever thought about using video to market your business?

Great! So, have you actually done anything about it?

Most business owners I talk to have either:

a) fantasized about creating great marketing video, but never done anything about it, or

b) have filmed one video, became so discouraged by the process, the time wasted and the lack of results, that they never did a second one.


The 3 Reasons You’re Not Using Video


The reason you’re not using video is usually one of these:

1 – Overwhelm

2 – Time Suck

3 – Shame


You’re either . . .

Ÿ  overwhelmed by the technology (What kind of camera do I use? How do I light it?  How do I edit video? How do I post it/share it/upload it/convert it/render it?) Ÿ  frustrated by the hours and hours it takes to learn the technology, film, edit, post, share, embed, optimize and repeat the process all over againŸ  or you’re stuck in fear around what you look and sound like on video.

Here’s the truth, video can be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating if you don‘t have a system to follow.

Here’s another, more important truth. 

Video marketing is a hoop worth jumping through.  This is why . . .

Forrester Research tells us that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text.

Think about the real impact of this amazing statistic.  Imagine you wrote one 500-word blog post or article every day, 365 days a year.

How long would it take you to write 1.8 million words of text?

9.9 years.


Would you rather spend 10 years writing 1.8 million words of text? Or spend a few weeks learning a system to create video in one hour or less?

Video marketing works and there’s a way to do it that simply wastes a LOT of your time and money.  And there’s a way to do it that generates results.

It’s not as simple as filming something, posting it and watching the money flow in.

Cisco tells us that by 2018, 84% of online traffic will be video. No matter who your audience is, they want to interact with you on video.

Will you be there for them?  If you figure this stuff out now, you’ll leap ahead of your competition.

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Lynn Ruby, CEO & Founder



Lynn Ruby, a leading authority on marketing and video marketing in particular, is the founder of After 25+ years in the trenches leading the marketing efforts for the corporate world, Lynn now brings the power of online marketing expertise to business owners.

She works with entrepreneurs who are really good at what they do and yet are sometimes confused, intimidated or downright skeptical of all the hype about online marketing.


Lynn is an expert at easily explaining complicated technical and marketing strategies and systems in everyday, ordinary language so that business owners can make intelligent decisions about what to implement for their business.


If you want someone you can trust to lay it on the line for you regarding online marketing – and video marketing in particular – Lynn Ruby is the person.

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